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Many Kenyan companies ( have been contributing to the society through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) arms and foundation since their inception, like KCB group, Safricom Foundation among many others. So, CSR is not an entirely new concept in Kenya context.

CESRA an organization that is based in Kenya has developed a structured framework for CSR is very and they are passionate in promoting CSR activities in Kenya, and with their efforts a lot of organizations in Kenya are embracing Corporate Social responsibility (CSR), resulting to CSR accredited companies in Kenya. They are going beyond capitalism and profitability as goals and are considering how their existence positively impacts the society though the CESRA’s 5 pillars of CSR.

This mandate has thus opened new doors for Kenyan Non-profit organizations, and has provided a huge opportunity to be tapped. But not many Non-profits have been able to take advantage of this, and thus many still do not have access to CSR funds, because of a number of reasons like

• Lack of initiative,

• little understanding of the scenario,

• Lack of corporate network, etc.

So, here is a step-by-step guide for Kenyan Non-profits on how they may mobilize CSR funds:

1. Understand the CESRA Charity accreditation Process

While there is no single definition of a “best practices” for each and every nonprofit organization, there are well-recognized legal, ethical, and accountability practices that are expected of well- run and accountable charitable nonprofits.

Recognizing and adopting these practices not only benefits individual charitable non profits, but also CSR practitioners who would require a certification that the charity is accountable and reliable and that every shilling that goes to the charitable nonprofit from their CSR budget will be channeled to the right project.

CESRA Charity Accreditation process is a large scale effort to identify charitable non profits in Kenya that exemplify good work- work that is excellent in quality, socially responsible and meaningful to its practitioners


2. Statutory requirements for charitable non profits

Most of the CSR activities are channeled only to those charitable nonprofits which have certificates of registration, KRA PIN, Bank accounts in the Name of the charitable non-profit, It is in best interest of the Charitable organization to get these registrations done to increase the chances of receiving funds and even being accredited by CESRA. Ensure that your non-profit has all the documentation in place, and do not forget to renew these every year where required.

3. Map and understand the corporate donors in your area:

Map the existing companies in your area. Start by understanding their profile, preferences and policies. Try to find out whether they are already undertaking some activities under CSR. And finally, fix a meeting with the CSR team or HR. Or on the other Hand you can Visit our platform that list member companies that that has embedded CSR practice in their business model.

4. Start building a network:

Charitable non-profits in Kenya need to step-out and explore the various possibilities for funding. Events are being organized by many agencies devoted for CSR. Online and offline campaigns are going on year-round. These events provide a very good platform for active participation, networking with prospective donors, and building relationships. These may result in fruitful associations in long run.

5. Keep documented evidence ready:

Apart from the legal documents, corporate CSR budget also look for authentic evaluation reports, impact data, and third-party evaluations to ensure that these charitable Non-profits are credible, and is doing outstanding work in its field. That where Centre For Social Responsibility and Accountability Kenya (CESRA) comes in. The Center for Social Responsibility and Accountability (CESRA) is a registered NGO that aims to connect accredited nonprofit organizations to Kenya Corporate though their CSR programs. Being accredited as a Kenyan Charitable organization is something that the Government of Kenya, the Beneficiaries, the giving community and the community at large expect of a well-run and accountable entity. Once your charity is reviewed and accredited it will be placed on our accredited database for easier identification by all CSR practitioners and other external donors.

6. Look for resources required:

“Communities can thrive because of the efforts of people who work on behalf of human charity, and … businesses thrive when they invest in these groups” This is Called Corporate Social Responsibility

Kenyan companies are willing to provide support to nonprofit organization in terms of funding, and also in terms of volunteers for the projects. This will also give corporate employees a ‘hands-on’ experience of the nonprofit sector.

7. Ask for feedback/Recommendation from your current donors:

Your current donors can help you in improving your systems and processes, but only if you ask for their feedback or recommendation. Make it a routine activity to ask them for feedback for your processes, communication, engagement strategies and every new thing you implement.

On the other Hand CESRA charitable members are entitled to a letter of introduction and recommendation to all your supporters and other people interested to partner with you. Our letter of introduction provides credibility as it exemplifies that the charitable nonprofit has earned a 5 star accreditation. That the nonprofit is one the finest, most respected, and most fiscally accountable charitable organization in Kenya. Reason? Because our 5 star members goes through a strict annual accreditation process designed to ensure compliance with our series of 20 standards of accountability and transparency in charitable organizations and to ensure that these donors are able to give with confidence to members of CESRA.

8. Accurate Materials 

When Approaching any Corporate Company, have solicitations and informational materials, distributed by any means, that are accurate, truthful and not misleading, both in whole and in part. Appeals that omit a clear description of program(s) for which contributions are sought might not be considered by any CSR Manager. A charity should also be able to substantiate that the timing and nature of its expenditures are in accordance with what is stated, expressed, or implied in the charity’s solicitations.

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References : Funds for NGO website


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