How we Accredit Charities

Many of us donate to a worthy cause year-round. Unfortunately, just as there are good people trying to help others, there are also plenty of briefcase charities out there.

Therefore we found it fit to inform potential donors on how we Accredit and approve charities in Africa

A charity will need to meet at least  10-15 standards of accountability developed by the center for Social responsibility and accountability.

This Means an accredited charity profile will be complete with the following Details:

  1. Registered name of the Charity
  2. They must have a Vision and Mission
  3. Their activities must be well stipulated on the profile
  4. Charity Registration Number
  5. Registration Body ie NGO, trust, society, etc
  6. Physical location as shown on the map: We don’t accredit briefcase charities with P.O Boxes
  7. A minimum of 5 Board members
  8. A legit charity should at least have a presence online e.g the profile on our website or Social media pages, only scammers who don’t have an online presence
  9. They must be willing to disclose any information to the potential donors, including Financial statement
  10. They must maintain working emails and Telephone numbers