About Non-Profit World

Center for Social Responsibility and Accountability (CESRA) is a dedicated NGO with a singular mission: to fortify and bolster the nonprofit sector, ensuring its alignment with sustainability, accountability, and broader societal responsibility. Our commitment lies in empowering nonprofits to serve their communities with integrity and efficacy. Through comprehensive sector training and development initiatives, we equip organizations with the tools and knowledge to uphold the highest accountability standards in management and governance, fostering positive growth and advancing good governance practices.



  1. Promoting Accountability Standards: CESRA aims to advocate for and promote accountability standards within the nonprofit sector, ensuring that organizations uphold integrity and transparency in their operations.
  2. Capacity Building for Nonprofits: CESRA seeks to empower nonprofit organizations through comprehensive training and development initiatives, equipping them with the necessary tools and knowledge to enhance their management and governance practices.
  3. Facilitating Collaboration: CESRA bridges connections and fosters collaboration within the nonprofit sector by providing a platform for networking and advocacy, thereby promoting synergy and collective action towards societal goals.
  4. Facilitating CSR Engagement: CESRA facilitates connections between businesses and accredited nonprofit organizations, enabling them to access resources such as fundraising opportunities and grants to support their impactful initiatives.
  5. Providing Support Services: CESRA offers essential human resource services and logistical support to its members, ensuring they have the necessary infrastructure to thrive and effectively carry out their missions.
  6. Monitoring and Evaluation: CESRA conducts meticulous monitoring and evaluation on behalf of donors to uphold transparency and accountability within the sector, safeguarding the trust placed in nonprofit organizations.
  7. Conducting Research and Advocacy: CESRA engages in research and advocates for policy reforms aimed at driving meaningful change, particularly in areas such as poverty reduction and sustainable development aligned with the SDGs.
  8. Addressing Societal Challenges: CESRA’s objectives include addressing various societal challenges such as poverty reduction, peace-building, social services provision, economic development, and education promotion for marginalized populations.
  9. Catalyzing Positive Change: Overall, CESRA serves as a catalyst for positive change within the nonprofit sector, fostering a culture of accountability, collaboration, and commitment to serving communities towards a more equitable and sustainable future.
Meet the Team
Julie Nyaga
Executive Director

International Relations specialist with keen analytical skills, adept in project management and problem-solving. Focus on strategic analysis for organizational accreditation, transparency, and accountability. Expert in assessing accountability standards, identifying charitable frauds, evaluating public relation strategies, and analyzing foreign policy for impact on organizational goals.

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Moses Gicharu
Director of Policy

With a background in Political Science and Public Administration, he leverages over a dozen years of expertise in Public Administration, emphasizing public policy, governance, and promoting public accountability and transparency. Additionally, he holds a certification as Software Development Engineer in Test (SDET)  expert, contributing to resolving organizational ICT issues

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Florence Nyaoke
Director - programs
A Social Justice and economic empowerment advocate, with vast experience in advancing human rights nationally, internationally, and at grass-root level. Added experience at working with families dealing with social issues and crises-helping communities to better their livelihoods. Highly motivated and organized professional  With excellent communication skills & negotiating skills. 
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Magdalena Atieno Odhiambo
Director of Communication

Training & Business Development Specialist with vast experience in Communication, Project Planning and  Management and Events Management. Multi-skilled and interactive with good financial awareness and an ability to manage large budgets.

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Victor Ngatia
Director - International Operations

Experienced operations executive with a decade of leadership in start-ups and growth organizations. Expertise in P&L, budget management, marketing, analytics, partnership development, risk management, and high-stakes negotiations. Committed to innovation and improving day-to-day functions to achieve yearly business goals

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Christoper Mwangi
Communication and Dissemination Manager

A Digital Media Creative Specialist with enthusiasm in content creation, online marketing, and management of social media platforms. Ability to analyze data from Web and social channel's analytics. Talented in creating engagement, articles and graphical posts with a niche in mind.