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What is Charity Accreditation?

Charity accreditation constitutes a formal acknowledgment and certification procedure designed to assess and validate a charitable organization’s compliance with CESRA-specific standards and ethical principles.

Established as an accreditation organization, CESRA aims to fortify and bolster the nonprofit sector by fostering sustainability, accountability, and overall responsibility toward the communities they serve. Our endeavors are dedicated to advancing the utmost standards of accountability within charitable organizations, fostering connections with Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) practitioners, and engaging with the broader philanthropic community.

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Is your charitable organization Accredited? Donors And CSR Practitioners use the CESRA platform to search Accredited charities for Funding.

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Search CESRA Platform to choose a well-governed cause to support. A cause that matches your values and delivers a clear mission.

Small Charities Grants

CESRA Africa has now launched a funding opportunity for small,  African-registered, Accredited grassroots charities and not-for-profit organizations doing outstanding development work.

CSR Accreditation

Discover our specialized online platform that highlights Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) practitioners and their impactful initiatives, serving as a central hub for showcasing the endeavors of CSR professionals leading positive change through innovative and sustainable practices, all facilitated by our free CSR Accreditation process, as we collectively embrace the journey towards a more responsible and impactful business world.