Help Bethsaida Children Home Complete the Boys’ Dormitory Project

by Ruth Maina

  • KSh107,100

    Funding Goal
  • KSh1,000

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  • 130

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Nairobi, Kenya

Ruth Maina

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Campaign Story

Bethsaida Children Home is dedicated to providing a safe and nurturing environment for vulnerable children in our community. Earlier this year, we embarked on a crucial project to build dormitories for our boys. We’ve made significant progress, including completing the perimeter wall, but we need your urgent support to continue.

What We Need:

  • 17 pieces of D16 steel rods at 2,280 KSH each
  • 20 pieces of D8 steel rods at 570 KSH each
  • 15 bags of cement at 800 KSH each
  • 1 roll of binding wire at 3,300 KSH
  • 10 kilograms of nails at 150 KSH per kg
  • Timber at 10,000 KSH
  • Labor costs at 20,000 KSH
  • Miscellaneous expenses at 10,000 KSH

Total Project amount 107,100

Why Your Support Matters:

The columns are essential for the structural integrity of the dormitories. Without them, the walls cannot support the roof, delaying our ability to provide safe housing for the boys in our care.

How You Can Help:

Your donation, no matter how small, will directly contribute to completing this project. Every contribution counts and brings us closer to giving these children a secure and stable home environment.

Join Us Today:

Together, we can make a lasting impact on the lives of these children. Your generosity will not only provide shelter but also hope for a brighter future.

Thank you for your support!

Name Donate Amount Date
Anonymous KSh1,000 July 11, 2024