Project Proposal- Empowering Youth through Skilled Training Scholarships

Executive Summary

Project Title: Empowering Youth through Skilled Training Scholarships
Implementing Partners: Center for Social Responsibility and Accountability (CESRA) and Ashley’s Events Institute (AEI)
Project Duration: 2 Years
Target Beneficiaries: 400 Youth with special needs, youth from poor households, youth in urban slums, destitute orphans (OVCs), and youth from abusive families.


The Center for Social Responsibility and Accountability (CESRA) and Ashley’s Events Institute (AEI) are collaborating to address the barriers hindering disadvantaged youth from accessing skilled training. This project aims to empower 400 youth annually with short courses in various skill sets, including Hospitality Training, Hair and Beauty, Electrical Engineering, Plumbing, Event Decorations, Floral Decoration, Photo and Video Editing, and Production.


  1. Life Skills and Labor Market Skills: Ensure disadvantaged youth acquire life skills and relevant labor market skills.
  2. Internship and Job Opportunities: Facilitate access to internship and job opportunities through institutionalized public-private partnerships.
  3. Support Services: Provide pre and post-job placement counseling, financial support, and services during the transition to work or startups.

About the Scholarship

As part of our community involvement, AEI, in partnership with corporate social responsibility practitioners, seeks to overcome barriers hindering youth from accessing skilled training for their future advancement.


  1. Youth with Special Needs
  2. Youth from Poor and Needy Households
  3. Youth in Urban Slums
  4. Destitute or OVC Orphans Living with Guardians
  5. Destitute and OVCs in Institutions and Orphanages
  6. Youth from Abusive Families

Scholarship Criteria

  1. Criteria 1 – 100% Scholarship
  2. Criteria 2 – 50% Scholarship

What is NOT Covered by the Scholarship

  1. Accommodation
  2. Local Traveling
  3. External Examination Fees
  4. Practical Fees
  5. Other Admission Requirements (e.g., T-shirts, uniforms, registration fees)

Criteria for Awarding

  1. Possession of an admission letter from AEI
  2. Aged between 18-25 years
  3. Applicants should have attained a grade of D and above
  4. Proof of capability to finance upkeep expenses
  5. Submission of a scholarship application form with a letter of recommendation from a local leader
  6. Successful completion of a social inquiry
  7. Demonstration of high moral character
  8. Commitment to completing the course
  9. Agreement to adhere to institute policies and code of conduct
  10. Signing a commitment form to comply with all requirements, rules, and regulations of the scholarship award

Implementation Plan

The project will span two years, with the first year focused on skill training and the second year on preparing graduates for the job market. Training will include job etiquette, CV writing, and other essential employment skills.

Fund Allocation

The estimated cost for training one youth is $280 – $300 per student. Fund allocation will cover tuition fees, training materials, and administrative costs.

You have the option to support either a single young individual in pursuing a skilled course or contribute to the funding of multiple youths. We aim to ensure that you feel at ease with the available resources, recognizing the challenges posed by today’s economic difficulties.


CESRA and AEI invite NGOs, individuals, CSR initiatives, and community service organizations to join hands in supporting deserving students with course scholarships. Together, we can empower the youth with the skills and opportunities they need for a guaranteed and sustainable future.

For further details on school fees and programs, please contact our institute admin or click here to view courses and fee structures.

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