Empowering Cancer and HIV/AIDS Patients in Njoro with Small Businesses

by Teresia Njoroge

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Njoro, Kenya

Teresia Njoroge

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Campaign Story

Living in Njoro for many years, we’ve witnessed firsthand the heartbreaking struggles of cancer and HIV/AIDS patients trapped in poverty. Initially, we offered immediate relief through a feeding initiative, but we soon realized that a more sustainable solution was needed. That’s why we’ve launched a bold new initiative: empowering these families with small, self-sustaining businesses. Our vision includes setting up ventures like chicken farms, small grocery stores, and goat milk production.

These businesses aren’t just about economic support—they’re about dignity, empowerment, and hope. By supporting us, you’re not only helping to provide essential income but also fostering resilience and self-reliance among those who need it most.

Your Support Makes a Difference:

  • Buy a Chick: For just Ksh 120, you can help kickstart a poultry venture.
  • Provide Groceries or Fruits for One Family: With Ksh 5,000, you can ensure a family has nutritious food.
  • Purchase a Milk Goat: A Ksh 7,000 contribution will help sustainably provide milk for families.

Together, we can transform lives and create lasting change. Join us in offering a lifeline to cancer and HIV/AIDS patients in Njoro, giving them not just assistance, but a pathway to a brighter future.

Thank you for your compassion and support.