Accreditation Process

Once you decide your organization is ready to pursue accreditation, it’s time to join the CESRA Standards Community where you have the opportunity to work on your application online . Membership to our accreditation gives you numerous benefits to your organization.
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accreditation Services

Accreditation demonstrates your organization’s commitment to remaining compliant with industry standards and best practices. 

The application Form is the accreditation Questionnaire.



We are dedicated to empowering charitable organizations and highlighting CSR practitioners on our platform to drive significant change in the world. Your membership plays a vital role in advancing this mission. The associated fee helps offset the expenses linked to accreditation programs, guaranteeing our collaboration with trustworthy organizations that resonate with CSR and donors’ values

CESRA conducts an evaluation on your application to determine compliance with standards in order to get accreditation status. 

Once your evaluation is approved, CESRA publishes the report on our website. The evaluation report will remain  your accreditation profile. It remains public information that need to be updated every year

Once accredited, You agree to uphold the quality standards set by CESRA. The accredited organization agrees to submit a yearly accreditation renewal review to prove that they are meeting high-quality standards year after year.

Once your profile is live on You will receive the accreditation handbook, a detailed guide to the Accreditation process, and the procedures.

In Case your organization does not meet accreditation, CESRA will work with you to help address and correct the issues raised in the evaluation of your report.  Once those issues are corrected your accreditation will be approved and ready to be viewed.