Building Capacity for Impact: Strengthening Charitable Organizations


Are you ready to take your nonprofit organization to the next level?

Join us for an empowering training workshop titled Building Capacity for Impact: Strengthening Charitable Organizations, hosted by the Centre for Social Responsibility and Accountability (CESRA).

Duration: 2-day workshop (dates flexible based on needs)

Day 1 Agenda:

  • Session 1: Needs Assessment and Organizational Diagnosis
    • Understand the significance of capacity building
    • Learn to conduct needs assessments and organizational diagnoses
    • Identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats through SWOT analysis
  • Session 2: Strategic Planning and Goal Setting
    • Develop a strategic plan for organizational growth
    • Set SMART goals and objectives
    • Align strategies with your organization’s mission and vision
  • Session 3: Leadership Development and Team Building
    • Explore various leadership styles and qualities
    • Build effective teams and foster collaboration
    • Develop leadership skills at all levels of your organization
  • Session 4: Financial Management and Resource Mobilization
    • Understand financial management principles for nonprofits
    • Develop a fundraising strategy and diversify revenue streams
    • Build partnerships and leverage resources effectively

Day 2 Agenda:

  • Session 5: Program Management and Impact Evaluation
    • Implement best practices in program management
    • Monitor and evaluate program outcomes and impact
    • Use data for continuous improvement and decision-making
  • Session 6: Technology Integration and Digital Tools
    • Leverage technology for organizational efficiency
    • Explore tools for project management, communication, and fundraising
    • Overcome challenges and maximize benefits of technology adoption
  • Session 7: Mentorship and Peer Learning
    • Establish mentorship programs for staff and volunteers
    • Facilitate peer learning networks and communities of practice
    • Share best practices and lessons learned among organizations
  • Session 8: Action Planning and Next Steps
    • Develop an action plan for capacity building implementation
    • Set priorities, timelines, and responsibilities
    • Identify ongoing support needs and available resources

Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your organization’s capacity and drive impactful change! Reserve your spot now by contacting CESRA. Let’s build a stronger future together!

📆 Date: [Flexible, based on participant availability] 📍 Location: [To be determined]

For inquiries and registration, please contact

Together, let’s make a difference that lasts! #BuildingCapacity #NonprofitTraining #CESRATraining

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