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What is Charity Accreditation

Why Become Charity accredited? A growing number of donors look for a charity’s credibility when choosing to donate. CESRA is here to help you become a trusted Charity. Benefits of CESRA Accreditation 1. Trusted Charity – You display the CESRA seal on all your organizations documents and online presence. Donors will be able to identify […]

Charity Conflict of interest policy document

CESRA Standard 14.   Conflicts of Interest  A conflict of interest is a transaction or arrangement that might benefit the private interest of an officer, board member, or employee. Nonprofits should have a written conflict of interest policy and statement in place. The conflict of interest policy should identify the types of conduct or transactions that […]

Benefits of Corporate Social Responsiblity

Business benefits of corporate social responsibility Corporate social responsibility (CSR)  has been used by many companies to be able to gain advantages for the company involved in CSR. CSR should be practiced by any business entity regardless of size or sector. Companies involved in CSR have witnessed advantages and benefits. What is CSR? Corporate social […]

Standards of Charity Accountability

CESRA STANDARDS OF CHARITY ACCOUNTABILITY   While there is no single definition of a “best practices for charities” for every nonprofit organization;- But there are well-recognized legal, ethical, and accountability practices that are expected of well-run and accountable charitable nonprofits.   Recognizing and adopting these practices not only benefits charitable nonprofits;- but also donors, and […]

Best charitable organizations in Africa

Looking for the best charity organizations in Africa? Find updated list of top charity organizations that have accepted to be accredited and they agree to follow the standards of charity accountability. If you feel your charity deserves to be among the list below, CESRA will accredit your charity so that donors can find your contact […]

Corporate philanthropy

Corporate Philanthropy It is an act of a corporate company or business promoting the welfare of accredited non profit organizations and others through various ways of charitable donations of funds or time. Benefits of corporate philanthropy? By participating in corporate philanthropy, Companies positively foster employee engagement, generate business value, enhance relationships with consumers, and create […]

Best charitable organizations

Looking for the best charity organizations? We have the list of all accredited charities that are worth looking at. Donors and giving community will need to source charities in our accredited list. Find contact information for each non profit in your area or beyong. You will have all the accreditation report from CESRA The giving […]

grants for NGOs in Africa

Current Call for Proposals 2020 for Developing Countries and NGO Grants List 2020 – Funding Opportunities for Charities – Grants for Non-Profit Organizations US Embassy Special Self-Help Grants in Ghana – Apply by 15th May 2020 US Embassy Public Diplomacy Small Grants in Sierra Leone – Apply by 31st May 2020 Small Grants for Non-governmental […]

Grants for Small Grassroots Organizations in Kenya

RSWR Seed Grants for Small Grassroots Organizations in Kenya The Right Sharing of World Resources (RSWR) is providing seed grants to small grassroots organizations to implement women-led, income-generating projects in Kenya. RSWR is a Quaker organization supported primarily by the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) in the United States. Goals for RSWR Seed Grants for […]