Charity Accreditation organizations in the world


Charity accreditation is a process by which charitable organizations undergo a review and assessment to ensure that they meet specific standards of transparency, accountability, and ethical practices. Accreditation is typically conducted by independent third-party organizations or accrediting bodies that specialize in evaluating and certifying nonprofit organizations.

The purpose of charity accreditation is to build trust.

There are several organizations that accredit and evaluate charities to ensure they meet certain standards of transparency, accountability, and effectiveness. Here is a list of some prominent charity accreditation organizations:

  1. Center for Social Responsibility and accountability (CESRA): Evaluates small charitable organizations with a goal to strengthen and support the nonprofit sector in adapting sustainability, accountability, and general responsibility to the communities they serve.  The main objective of CESRA Is to connect trusted charitable organization to the CSR practitioners and the general giving community.
  2. Charity Navigator: A widely used platform that evaluates and rates charities based on financial health, accountability, and transparency.
  3. Better Business Bureau Wise Giving Alliance: Provides evaluations of charities based on 20 standards, including governance, effectiveness, and finances.
  4. GuideStar: Offers information on nonprofits, including their mission, programs, and financials. It doesn’t provide a rating but is a valuable resource for donors.
  5. CharityWatch: Formerly known as the American Institute of Philanthropy, it evaluates charities and provides letter grades based on financial performance and governance.
  6. GiveWell: Focuses on finding outstanding charities that effectively address global poverty and other important issues.
  7. Philanthropy Australia: Provides accreditation for Australian charities to ensure they meet high standards of governance and transparency.
  8. Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) – Charities Directorate: In Canada, the CRA provides information on registered charities, ensuring they meet legal requirements.
  9. European Foundation Centre (EFC): An association of foundations and corporate funders in Europe, promoting accountability and transparency in the philanthropic sector.
  10. International Standards Organization (ISO): ISO 26000 provides guidelines for social responsibility and can be applicable to charitable organizations.
  11. Council on Foundations: In the United States, it provides resources and standards for philanthropic organizations to enhance their effectiveness.

Remember that accreditation is just one aspect of evaluating a charity, and it’s essential to consider the specific focus, impact, and values of a charity when deciding to support it. Always research and assess multiple sources to make well-informed decisions.

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