Empowering Children with Disabilities in Nakuru


Summary: The Center for Social Responsibility and Accountability (CESRA) recently visited Malaika Initiatives, a unique organization in Nakuru, initiated in 2015 by Grace, inspired by her granddaughter’s struggle with meningitis and subsequent disability.

 The program aims to support children with cerebral palsy and other disabilities, providing them with love, care, education, and integration into society. CESRA’s visit highlighted the significant impact of Malaika Initiatives and the need for community support. 

Grace and her daughter, the founders, expressed the need for financial assistance to sustain vital services and support staff, including a volunteer physiotherapy doctor. Additionally, donations of essential items such as maize flour, salt, diapers, and hygiene products are welcomed.

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In the heart of Nakuru, amidst bustling streets and everyday life, lies a haven of hope and compassion known as Malaika Initiatives. This pioneering organization, born out of a grandmother’s love and determination, stands as a beacon of support for children with disabilities, particularly those facing cerebral palsy. Ann Ndumia, CESRA’s program coordinator, and Julie recently embarked on a visit to Malaika Initiatives, marking the first step towards accrediting it as a trusted charity.

“The journey of Malaika Initiatives is rooted in personal experience, driven by a desire to create a better world for children with disabilities,” shares Ann Ndumia, reflecting on the profound motivation behind Grace’s mission.

Grace’s journey began in 2015 when her granddaughter’s battle with meningitis left her with a newfound perspective on life. Witnessing the discrimination her granddaughter faced, even within educational institutions, ignited Grace’s determination to make a difference. She recalls, “My granddaughter, once a top student, was sidelined because of her disability. It broke my heart to see her ostracized instead of embraced.”

With unwavering resolve, Grace opened her doors to five children, most of whom were cerebral palsy victims, at Malaika Initiatives. The support of AIC Church Bondeni in hosting the daycare proved instrumental, offering a nurturing environment where love and care abound.

“Our daycare isn’t just a place for these children; it’s a sanctuary where they receive the love and attention they deserve,” Grace emphasizes, highlighting the importance of parental involvement and education. Through outreach efforts, she has instilled a newfound sense of love and acceptance in the parents, fostering strong bonds between them and their children.

“Integration and acceptance are paramount,” Grace asserts passionately. “We don’t hide these children away; we empower them to be seen and valued members of society.”

Indeed, Grace’s advocacy extends beyond the confines of Malaika Initiatives. She tirelessly campaigns for the enrollment of children with disabilities in schools, despite numerous challenges. Moreover, her feeding program ensures that the nutritional needs of the 36 children under her care are met, while income-generating activities provide support for single mothers, many of whom face societal ostracism.

As the visit unfolds, the pressing need for support becomes apparent. Grace, with humility and gratitude, shares her aspirations for the future. “Our volunteer physiotherapy doctor has been a pillar of support, but it’s time we provide him with the recognition and remuneration he deserves,” she expresses, underscoring the importance of financial assistance.

Additionally, Grace outlines the essential items required to sustain the daycare’s operations, from basic provisions like maize flour and salt to specialized items such as diapers and massage oils. “Every contribution, no matter how small, makes a world of difference to these children,” she emphasizes, extending an invitation for community support.

CESRA’s visit to Malaika Initiatives serves as a poignant reminder of the transformative power of compassion and the profound impact of grassroots initiatives. As the accreditation process continues, the call for support echoes louder than ever. “Together, we can nurture a more inclusive and compassionate society,” Ann Ndumia concludes, echoing the sentiment shared by all who have been touched by Grace’s remarkable dedication.


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