Exhibition Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions for CSR Expo 2024

Organized by Center for Social Responsibility and Accountability (CESRA)
  1. Payment and Space Allocation:
    • In the event of non-payment for allocated space, any previous deposit may be forfeited, and the space may be re-allocated by the organizer without prior notice. The Exhibitor shall be liable for any loss incurred by the organizers due to such non-payment.
  2. Application for Space:
    • Applications for space must include details of proposed exhibits and the names of any other companies represented by the Exhibitor. Clear indication of products or services to be displayed or referred to at the stand is required. If space provided is insufficient, additional details on company letterhead, duly signed, must be attached.
  3. Allocation of Exhibition Area:
    • The Organizers reserve exclusive rights to determine the allocation of the exhibition area. They may, at their sole discretion and in the general interest of the exhibition, vary the layout and area of any particular stand, even after allocation.
  4. Setting Up of Stands:
    • Every Exhibitor is required to complete the setup of their stand prior to the commencement of the exhibition.
  5. Bankruptcy or Winding Up:
    • If an exhibiting company enters bankruptcy or is wound up, the contract with said company shall be void, and all monies received by the organizers shall be retained.
  6. Assignment and Sub-Licensing:
    • Exhibitors are prohibited from assigning, sub-letting, or granting licenses to any company not listed on the application form, in respect of any part of the allocated space.
  7. Responsibility and Indemnification:
    • The Organizers shall not be responsible for the safety of exhibits or any property of exhibitors or any other persons. Exhibitors are advised to obtain insurance coverage for any potential loss or damage. The Exhibitor indemnifies and holds the organizer harmless against any claims brought by third parties.
  8. Claims for Damages:
    • Exhibitors waive any claim for damages against the Organizers for loss or damages consequential upon the prevention, postponement, or abandonment of the Exhibition due to events beyond the control of the Organizers.
  9. Withdrawal from Exhibition:
    • Exhibitors may request withdrawal from the Exhibition at the discretion of the Organizers, subject to specified conditions including written notice and payment of a cancellation fee.
  10. Modification of Terms:
    • The Organizers reserve the right to alter, add to, or amend any of these terms and conditions, with final decisions resting with the Organizers. No alterations shall release any Exhibitor from contractual obligations.
  11. Correspondence:
    • All correspondence regarding the exhibition shall be addressed to the Organizer, Center For Social Responsibility and Accountability (CESRA)
By participating in the CSR Expo 2024, exhibitors agree to abide by these terms and conditions set forth by CESRA.

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