Fostering Excellence: A Guide to Developing Board and Governance for Charitable Organizations


The Center for Social Responsibility and Accountability (CESRA) recognizes the pivotal role that effective governance plays in the success and impact of charitable organizations. As an accrediting organization committed to promoting ethical practices and accountability, CESRA aims to guide charitable organizations in developing robust boards and governance structures. In this article, we will explore key considerations and best practices to ensure that charitable organizations can achieve excellence in governance.

  1. Mission Alignment:

The foundation of a strong board and governance structure lies in mission alignment. Charitable organizations should ensure that board members are deeply connected to the organization’s mission and values. CESRA emphasizes the importance of selecting individuals who are not only passionate about the cause but also bring diverse skills and perspectives to the table.

  1. Clear Roles and Responsibilities:

Well-defined roles and responsibilities are essential for a smoothly functioning board. CESRA recommends that organizations establish clear job descriptions for board members, including expectations regarding attendance, committee participation, and fundraising responsibilities. This clarity helps prevent confusion and ensures that each board member understands their unique contribution to the organization.

  1. Diversity and Inclusion:

CESRA believes that diversity and inclusion are critical elements of effective governance. Charitable organizations should actively seek board members from diverse backgrounds, including different ethnicities, genders, ages, and professional experiences. A diverse board brings a richness of perspectives and helps the organization navigate complex challenges more effectively.

  1. Ongoing Training and Development:

Continuous learning is key to maintaining a high-performing board. CESRA encourages charitable organizations to invest in the ongoing training and development of their board members. Workshops, seminars, and conferences can provide valuable insights into governance best practices, legal obligations, and emerging trends in the charitable sector.

  1. Transparent Communication:

Transparent communication is fundamental to building trust between the board, staff, and stakeholders. CESRA recommends that organizations establish clear communication channels, ensuring that relevant information is shared promptly and comprehensively. Regular board meetings, reports, and open lines of communication contribute to a culture of transparency.

  1. Financial Stewardship:

Sound financial stewardship is a hallmark of effective governance. CESRA advises organizations to establish robust financial oversight mechanisms, including regular audits, budget reviews, and financial reporting. Board members should possess a clear understanding of the organization’s financial health and be actively involved in fundraising efforts.

  1. Strategic Planning:

Charitable organizations should engage in strategic planning to set long-term goals and direction. CESRA advocates for boards actively participating in the strategic planning process, aligning their decisions with the organization’s vision, and regularly evaluating progress. This ensures that the organization remains adaptable and responsive to evolving challenges and opportunities.


CESRA believes that a commitment to excellence in governance is essential for the success and sustainability of charitable organizations. By aligning with mission, defining roles, embracing diversity, investing in ongoing development, fostering transparent communication, ensuring financial stewardship, and engaging in strategic planning, charitable organizations can build strong boards that drive positive social impact. As an accrediting organization, CESRA encourages organizations to continuously strive for excellence in governance to fulfill their missions and create lasting change.

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