What is Charity Accreditation


Why Become Charity accredited?

A growing number of donors look for a charity’s credibility when choosing to donate.

CESRA is here to help you become a trusted Charity.

Benefits of CESRA Accreditation

1. Trusted Charity – You display the CESRA seal on all your organizations documents and online presence. Donors will be able to identify you as a Trusted charity

2. Funding opportunities:  CSR practitioners use our website to search trusted and worthy charities to support

3. Online Presence-You get a comprehensive online profile at our website showing your contacts, Your needs for funding and all necessary details a donor wants to know.. They contact you directly.

4. Free Resource:  In case you have a need to draft any nonprofit documents, You can access them for free to edit to use as your own.

5. Certificate of Accreditation- Print out our certificate of accreditation. This is a proof that your organization meets all CESRA standards for Charity Accountability

6. Small organizations grants- A new product for grassroots charities to get CESRA grants of up to $5000


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Author: cesra

CESRA accreditation goes beyond listing—it's about elevating charitable standards through rigorous evaluation and accountability. We ensure only organizations meeting our high sustainability and transparency benchmarks are accredited. This distinguishes CESRA members as credible entities in the nonprofit sector, committed to trust, integrity, and impactful social contribution. Joining CESRA aligns with a network dedicated to fortifying nonprofits through meaningful societal impact. Experience the difference where accreditation stands for responsibility and trust, ensuring only reliable entities contribute to a sustainable charitable landscape