100 Million for Teacher Tabichi Individual Social Responsibility


The Crown Prince of Dubai presents the best teacher award to a Kenyan Mathematics and physics teacher Tabichi, Photo Credit: Gulf News

By Julie Chege @chegejulie  

Peter Tambichi ksh 100 million win is the perfect example of how far Individual social responsibility (ISR) can take you.

Brother Tambichi, a teacher at Keriko Mixed Day Secondary school, a remote school in Njoro, has won accolades for his sacrifices in helping the vulnerable in the community.

Like in any other scenario, Individual Social Responsibility (ISR) can only function if individuals rise above self-interest and opt for options that will benefit a large number of people. Every individual can make a small contribution to society.

His story is a clear indication that it is the moral responsibility for everyone to act in such a way that they do affect people around them. Every individual should be committed towards the upliftment of various social causes.

Tabichi, was heavily involved in  ISR and went unnoticed until the spotlight was lit by the Global Teachers Awards for recognized for dramatically improving his students’ performance and self-esteem.

The Global Foundation rewards teachers for being real champions of change and inspiring millions of learners across the globe.

The award credited Peter Tabichi for giving away 80% of his monthly income to help the poor. His dedication, hard work and passionate belief in his student’s talent have led his poorly-resourced school to emerge victorious after taking on the country’s best schools in national science competitions.

A Franciscan Brother, Tabichi told the world his Motivation. “Seeing my learners grow in knowledge, skills and confidence is my greatest joy in teaching! When they become resilient, creative and productive in the society, I get a lot of satisfaction for I act as their greatest destiny enabler and key that unlocks their potential in the most exciting manner,” he said.

A  key lesson to be learned by fellow Kenyans is that there is power and benefit in doing good deeds for other people.

President Uhuru Kenyatta pledged to donate Sh20 million to Keriko Mixed Day Secondary School for the expansion of infrastructure and to encourage students to undertake science subjects.

Nakuru County Governor, Lee Kinyanjui pledged to give Tabichi’s school, Keriko Mixed Day Secondary School a facelift in his honour.

Teacher Tabichi was accorded a grand homecoming ceremony that was organized by Nakuru county Government. It was an occasion that brought business in the busy town to a standstill for three hours.

This story presents a challenge to our Government to start recognizing Kenya’s volunteers. Acknowledging and appreciating volunteers in Kenya provides an opportunity to celebrate the social and economic value created for individuals, organizations, communities, and society at large. It also provides an opportunity to reflect on the evolving and expanding nature of volunteer engagement.

CESRA Kenya, an organization based in Kenya with a mission to recognize and appreciate Social responsibility through CSR and ISR accreditation conducted a survey that expressed how fellow Kenyans express their Individual Social Responsibility (ISR);-

  • Thousands of Kenya volunteers through organizations to save lives and helped the needy without expecting any form of payment.

  • Others are also expressing their good deed outside of organizations by mounting public awareness and social advocacy campaigns, raising funds through digital channels, organizing events, and mobilizing people around issues that matter to them.

  • Facebook hero Ndungu Nyoro and others are busy fundraisings: to pay for funerals, pay bills of poor patients who are stuck in hospitals.

  • Another percentage is making informed decisions at their workplaces: about  CSR budgets and how the budget affects the community at large to reflect their social and environmental concerns.


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