Simotwet Special School Eldama Ravine


A Heartwarming Visit to Simotwet Special School, Eldama Ravine

Kenya Red Cross (Kabarak Chapter) Leads a Memorable Initiative

A recent initiative spearheaded by the Kenya Red Cross (Kabarak Chapter), in partnership with Peace Ambassadors Kenya (Egerton and Kabarak Chapters), CESRA, and Kenya Red Cross (Mugotio and Eldama Ravine), brought smiles and joy to the children of Simotwet Special School in Eldama Ravine.

Engaging Activities and Community Spirit

The visit was marked by various engaging activities aimed at improving the school environment and enhancing the well-being of its students. Volunteers immersed themselves in tasks such as washing clothes, cleaning dormitories and the compound, cooking, and splitting firewood. Concurrently, a dedicated team, including CESRA members, interacted directly with the children through healthy talks, songs, dances, storytelling, and a talent show.

Diverse Needs of Special Children

Simotwet Special School serves children with a range of disabilities, including physical handicaps, mental impairments, visual impairments, mild autism, mild cerebral palsy, and muscular dystrophy. The school’s mission is to provide a supportive and inclusive environment for these children, ensuring they receive the necessary care and education.

The Inspiring Journey of Simotwet Special School

Founded by Madam Lizz Jebet, who previously worked at Shimoni Primary School, Simotwet Special School was born out of her passion for helping children with disabilities. She secured a piece of land from the Simotwet community to establish the school. Starting with only five learners in January 2019, the school grew to 32 learners by December of the same year. Currently, the school employs three professional teachers for the disabled and has seven additional teachers in training.

Support and Contributions

Simotwet Special School has benefited from various forms of support. The Constituency Development Fund (CDF) financed the construction of dormitories and classrooms, while the government’s Department of People Living with Disabilities provides funds for teacher salaries. Donations of walkers from the Daughters of Gideon, wheelchairs from hospitals, and beds and mattresses from sports analysts have been invaluable.

Ongoing Challenges and Needs

Despite the generous support, Simotwet Special School continues to face several challenges. The school needs:

  • Diapers, walkers, calipers, wheelchairs, and crutches.
  • Beds and mattresses with marking tosh rubber sheets.
  • Financial assistance to start income-generating projects like vegetable farming, poultry, and sheep rearing.
  • Help for the guardians of physically handicapped children to register for NHIF, necessary for free surgeries at Cure International Hospital, Kijabe.
  • Volunteers to assist the existing team in caring for the children.


Children with disabilities require special care, love, and support from their families and the broader community. Providing financial, physical, and psychological support is crucial for their well-being and development.

To visit or donate, please contact the director of Simotwet Special School, Madam Lizz Jebet, at 0727965029. Your support can make a significant difference in the lives of these exceptional children.


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