The 2024 NGO Week in Kenya


Building Synergy for a Sustainable Future

The 2024 NGO Week, held across major towns in Kenya from June 17th to 22nd, celebrated a pivotal moment for the nonprofit sector under the theme “Building Synergy for a Sustainable Future.” Organized by Kenya’s NGO Coordination Board, this annual event served as a vital platform for fostering collaboration and advancing sustainable development goals.

CESRA Observes Vibrant Exchange at Nakuru NGO Week

Representatives from the Center for Social Responsibility and Accountability (CESRA), Julie Nyaga and Ann Ndumia, attended the Nakuru NGO Week as observers. CESRA is committed to fortifying nonprofits through initiatives such as accreditation, capacity building, promoting accountability, advocacy, networking, and aligning activities with the SDGs. Their participation highlighted CESRA’s dedication to enhancing the effectiveness, credibility, and sustainability of NGOs.

The event convened diverse stakeholders including NGOs, government officials, and private sector representatives. It emphasized local philanthropy, corporate social responsibility (CSR), transparency, and accountability as pillars for maximizing the NGO sector’s potential in Kenya’s socio-economic transformation.

Discussions throughout the week focused on climate change mitigation, environmental sustainability, and the role of NGOs in driving inclusive growth and development. Key sub-themes included harnessing NGO potential, enhancing transparency, and promoting local philanthropy. Participants engaged in fruitful dialogue, fostering partnerships to tackle pressing challenges and seize sustainable development opportunities.

The success of NGO Week 2024 underscored a collective commitment to building a resilient and prosperous future for Kenya. It facilitated meaningful exchanges among NGOs, government agencies, donors, and the private sector, highlighting the crucial role of partnerships in achieving national development priorities.

Looking forward, the outcomes of NGO Week 2024 are expected to influence policy decisions and initiatives supporting Kenya’s sustainable development goals. By advocating for inclusive practices and leveraging partnerships, NGOs and their collaborators are poised to make substantial contributions to national development.

In conclusion, NGO Week 2024 was a milestone in promoting collaboration and shared responsibility among stakeholders in Kenya’s nonprofit sector.

Participants Engaged by CESRA at NGO Week

CESRA engaged with a variety of impactful NGOs during the event, showcasing the diverse efforts across Kenya’s nonprofit landscape:


  1. Malaika Initiative for People with Disability

Description: Runs daycare centers for mentally and physically challenged children, offering therapy, feeding, psycho-social support, and outreach programs. This NGO is Accredited by CESRA

Contacts: 0739947278 / 0733722802


Accreditation Page

  1. New Age Action Africa

Description: Focuses on mental health through unique initiatives and advocacy.

  1. Scripture Union of Kenya

Description: An international and interdenominational Christian organization focused on Bible engagement, holistic nurture of children, and strengthening families.

Head Office Contacts: 0720664513 / 0735576326,

Website :


  1. The Herd Men Kenya & The Watering Hole

Description: A foundation focused on creating a safe space for spiritual growth and brotherhood among young and married men.

Contacts: 0768888218 / 0721952990,


  1. Teen Mothers Forum Africa

Description: Focuses on establishing special homeschools and rescue centers for teenage mothers and their babies, promoting academic excellence, technical skills, and talent development.

Contacts: 0722995784 / 0723823502

  1. Fearless and Cherished Foundation

Description: A non-profit organization supporting needy children with educational support and feeding programs.

Contacts: 0721422969,


  1. Marylynne Bliss Wellness & Recovery Centre

Description: Provides medical attention for rehabilitation, psychiatric care, mental wellness, and treatment services.

Contacts: 0746480652 / 0759074919


  1. Shaddykim Initiative

Description: Aims to empower individuals and improve village sustainability through community-led learning, mentorship, and support programs.

Contacts: 0707210950,



  1. Precious Future Empowerment Initiative

Description: Focuses on training youths with disabilities, providing care and support services, healthcare assistant training, and community outreach.

Contacts: 0781718745 / 0702476559


  1. Chazon Africa

Description: Provides education, protection, and empowerment programs for children and families below the poverty line.

Contacts: 0722 396 667 / 0729009799

Address: P.O. Box 530, 20106 Molo, Nakuru County, Kenya




  1. Women and Youth Empowerment and Advocacy Centre (WYEMAC)

Description: Empowers women and youth through education, economic empowerment, leadership development, and advocacy.

Contacts: 0624934739

Address: P.O. Box 16326-20100, Nakuru



  1. Center for Enhancing Democracy and Good Governance (CEDGG)

Description: Empowers vulnerable and marginalized citizens to claim their rights in local development and governance processes.

Address: P.O. Box 15801-20100, Nakuru, Kenya




  1. Midrift Human Rights Network (Midrift Hurinet)

Description: Promotes human rights, democracy, good governance, and peacebuilding.

Contacts: 0702520894




  1. Childcare Worldwide

Description: Focuses on removing barriers preventing children from succeeding and sharing the Gospel.

Contacts: 0706162096



  1. Bettercare Protection Initiative

Description: Focuses on the protection of wild and domestic animals.

Contacts: 0722959077 (Executive Director), 0723584787 / 0731215657 (Office)



  1. Kenya Land Alliance

Description: Advocates for reforms on land, environment, and natural resource policies and laws in Kenya.

Contacts: 0731283207



  1. Dandelion Africa

Description: Women-led NGO focused on women’s health and economic empowerment in rural Kenya.

Contacts: 0712414165




  1. Empower the World Foundation

Description: Empowers orphans and vulnerable children through education and community projects.

Contacts: 0700378591




  1. She Saves a Nation

Description: Empowers refugee and marginalized women and girls as leaders through education, discipleship, leadership development, health, esteem building, and mentorship.

Contacts: 0726696165 (Program Manager)


  1. World Vision

Description: International Christian organization working with the poor and oppressed to promote human transformation, justice, and the Kingdom of God.

Contacts: 0732126100 / 0711086


  1. Nakuru Legal Aid Centre

Description: Provides free legal services to vulnerable and marginalized residents of Nakuru County.

Contacts: 0720880185


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