Restoring Green – Unite for Mau Forest Revival


NAAA and CESRA Unite for Mau Forest Revival

On June 29th, New Age Action Africa (NAAA) and the Center for Social Responsibility and Accountability (CESRA) formalized their partnership by signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). This collaboration is poised to spearhead a series of initiatives dedicated to environmental conservation. Their first major project kicked off in the communities of Mausamit and Masaideni, located along the Mau Complex Forest cutline. These communities united under a mental health software service strategy to establish the region’s largest nursery bed, straddling Nakuru and Kericho Counties, with the goal of restoring the degraded environment.


The project launch began at 9:00 am, with notable attendees including a representative from the Kenya Forest Service (KFS), the Deputy Chair of the Londiani Community Forest Association (LOCOFA), and three NAAA members. Approximately 200 community members participated in the event. The attendees were organized into four groups: youths pruned cypress branches under KFS supervision, women assisted by transporting the branches, and men and youths laid the foundation for the fence and prepared refreshments for the group.


Mr. Stephen Towet, Deputy Chair of LOCOFA, led the fencing efforts, supported by community leaders. “Seeing the community come together for such a noble cause is truly inspiring,” Mr. Towet remarked. “It shows our collective commitment to restoring the environment for future generations.”


Throughout the day, participants shared their experiences and challenges related to environmental conservation and the impact of deforestation. One resident, Mary Wanjiru, recounted, “I remember a time when the forest was lush and green. It provided us with everything we needed. Now, we are facing the consequences of deforestation, but today gives me hope that we can bring back what we lost.”


Deforestation in the Mau Complex has had severe repercussions, including loss of biodiversity, altered rainfall patterns, and soil erosion. According to the Kenya Forest Service, the region has seen a significant decrease in forest cover over the past decade, contributing to these environmental issues.


During the event, a newly transferred KFS law enforcer expressed interest in joining the community’s conservation efforts. “I was moved by the community’s dedication,” he said. “I look forward to working closely with everyone here to make a real impact.”


At 2:00 pm, participants took a break for tea and snacks. Community leaders praised the inclusive and effective approach of the conservation drive. “The sense of ownership we see here is remarkable,” said Mr. Tangut from NAAA. “We promise to support this initiative with seedling bags and seeds for indigenous and bamboo plants, ensuring that this nursery bed flourishes.”


In light of the long-term goals, Mr. Tangut issued a call for support: “Each seedling bag costs only 1 shilling. We need 500,000 seedling bags for indigenous seedlings and another 500,000 for bamboo seedlings. To continue the spirit we have started after this partnership, we aim to reach 100 million seedling bags within one year. We invite everyone to contribute to this ambitious yet essential goal.”


The community pledged to return in large numbers on Wednesday, July 3, 2024, to complete the fencing and finalize the nursery bed. The attendees expressed their desire to have a dedicated section within the nursery bed, showcasing their ongoing involvement and support for the initiative.


This collaborative effort between NAAA and CESRA marks a significant step towards environmental restoration and community empowerment. The success of this project not only aims to rejuvenate the local ecosystem but also fosters a sense of unity and purpose among the community members involved. By restoring their environment, the residents of Mausamit and Masaideni are not only securing their future but also setting an example for other communities to follow.


How You Can Help

  • Donate:  Your donation will go towards purchasing seedling bags and other necessary materials- 10 Bags = 10 Shillings Every shilling counts.
  • Share: Spread the word about our campaign. The more people who know about our initiative, the closer we get to our goal.
  • Volunteer: Join us on-site to help with planting and other activities.

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