5 Reasons Why Goal Setting Will Improve Your Focus

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The fact is, goal setting is an important practice – particularly in the workplace. Research has found that setting strong goals boosts performance by motivating people to increase their effort, inducing stronger focus and helping them prioritize.

The key to achieving customer happiness, as in customers who want to do business with you again and again, is to focus on employee happiness first. Employee happiness happens when they are able to set attainable and sustainable goals in the workplace.

Goal setting is a force that integrates and creates cohesion in all fields of our daily activities be it our personal projects, our business, between an employer and an employee; but most importantly it affects our set objectives. A goal is a driving force and the motivation that navigates us towards a set accomplishment hence at every stage of analyzing our progress, it’s important to relate with the direction of our prior intentions and aspirations.

There is key importance of goal setting but first, you need to ask yourself how deep you intend to challenge yourself. This is because to achieve one’s goal, there is an arena of challenges that demands persistence, focus, and self-motivation all the way to the last step and that’s a success. When you set yourself towards a certain direction, it’s important to set it clear in your mind the importance of goal setting which includes:

  1. Goal setting allows you to dig deep and measure your limits. As you face different challenges, they act as a synergy between the real issue and the solutions that will help you take the next step. At some point, one has to dip deep in terms of energy, time and resources.

  2. It acts as a protractor of the roadmap set to achieve certain goals. By delving into practices and engaging elements set to help you achieve your goal, the experience allows you to learn how to adapt to changes and how to improvise with the changing tides like social, economic or political as key influencers to your goal.

  3. Goal setting helps improve managerial skills. By engaging in time and resource management, one gains the knowledge and expertise that is key and relevant in all stages of project and objective growth.

  4. By setting your goals, it acts as a channel to self-motivation and accomplishment which is an energy that not only improves morale but also the energy and determination to challenge yourself more, set more goals and most importantly reap the outcome of your investment.

  5. Goal setting brings in simplicity. When one is well organized and focused towards a certain outcome with a set channel, it’s easier to engage other people, reduce confusion, analyze the problem and suggest a solution and most importantly improve transparency and engage the right team.

The main aim of goal setting is to channel your idea towards a set outcome and to funnel all that hard work and investment to results that will motivate and give you the benefits that drive you forward. Goal setting acts as a driving force that drives you ahead hence every day it’s important to analyze your steps, strategize and implement at the same time.

Article by : Joseph Ndegwa

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