Trusted Charities to Support: A Call to Action


At the Center for Social Responsibility and Accountability (CESRA), we are dedicated to accrediting charitable organizations in Kenya and promoting them to donors and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) practitioners. Every accredited charity receives a mark of excellence from CESRA, which they can proudly display in their materials and social media accounts, showcasing their accredited status. As part of our mission, we urge you to consider supporting the following accredited charities to help them achieve their noble missions and visions.

Bethsaida Children Centre 

Bethsaida Children Centre was founded in the year 2012 as a result of the increasing number of orphans, destitute, and street children who were often found around the streets of Soweto and its environs. The Centre is registered with the Government of Kenya under the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection as a Charitable Children Institution. Located in the heart of Soweto slums in Nairobi County, the Centre supports 45 children aged 2-22 years, including orphans, destitute, abused, disabled, and those infected and affected by HIV/AIDS. The Centre provides essential services such as a feeding program, mentorship and counselling, education, health, clothing, and shelter to these vulnerable children. Learn more about Bethsaida Children Centre.

Israel Faith Children’s Home 

Israel Faith Children’s Home provides a safe haven for vulnerable children, offering them shelter, education, and a loving environment. Your support can help them continue their essential work and reach more children in need. Learn more about Israel Faith Children’s Home.

Malaika Initiative for People with Disability 

Malaika Initiative for People with Disability focuses on therapy, nutrition, and psycho-social support for children with disabilities. They also run an outreach program to support families at home. Contributions can ensure these vital services continue to thrive. Learn more about Malaika Initiative for People with Disability.

QK Children’s Home 

QK Children’s Home, based in Nakuru, supports 52 children with education, healthcare, nutrition, and spiritual guidance. They need funding for teacher salaries, balanced diets, clothing, school uniforms, transportation, medical supplies, facility expansion, and integration programs. Your donations can significantly impact the lives of these children. Learn more about QK Children’s Home.

Phyllis Memorial Children’s Home 

Phyllis Memorial Children’s Home, registered in 2003, cares for orphaned children, providing basic needs and therapy. Founded by Grace Njuguna, this NGO operates in Kenya with a mission inspired by personal experience. Supporting Phyllis Memorial means investing in the future of children who have faced immense challenges. Learn more about Phyllis Memorial Children’s Home.

How You Can Help

We invite you to explore these accredited charities and consider making a donation. Your contributions will go a long way in helping these organizations continue their invaluable work.

For charities wishing to join our accreditation program, visit to learn more about how we can support you in gaining credibility and connecting with potential donors and CSR practitioners.

CESRA’s Comprehensive Services

CESRA is committed to promoting accountability standards within the nonprofit sector, ensuring integrity and transparency in operations. We empower nonprofits through training and development initiatives, facilitating collaboration and CSR engagement. Our services include essential human resource and logistical support, meticulous monitoring and evaluation, and advocacy for policy reforms aimed at driving meaningful change. By addressing societal challenges such as poverty reduction and education promotion, CESRA serves as a catalyst for positive change, fostering a culture of accountability and collaboration for a more equitable and sustainable future.

Together, we can make a difference and support the missions of these incredible organizations.

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CESRA accreditation goes beyond listing—it's about elevating charitable standards through rigorous evaluation and accountability. We ensure only organizations meeting our high sustainability and transparency benchmarks are accredited. This distinguishes CESRA members as credible entities in the nonprofit sector, committed to trust, integrity, and impactful social contribution. Joining CESRA aligns with a network dedicated to fortifying nonprofits through meaningful societal impact. Experience the difference where accreditation stands for responsibility and trust, ensuring only reliable entities contribute to a sustainable charitable landscape