What Is a 501(c)(3) Organization


What Is a 501(c)(3) Organization? The U.S. Internal Revenue Code (IRC) recognizes 501(c) (3) as organizations that meet requirements for tax exemption from federal income Taxation. 

This means any donations directed to the organization are tax-deductible. All organizations that are eligible for 501(c)(3) status fall under the following three categories

Charitable Organizations

  • Churches
  • Private Foundations

All the rules for such foundations are regulated by the U.S. Treasury through the IRS.

I have shared links to some important Educational Resources and guidance for exempt organizations below. Click and Learn.

While you qualify for 501(c)(3) status, it is also important to earn a seal/Mark of trust from CESRA. This is a voluntary seal of Excellence offered to Members of CESRA. 

Benefits to CESRA Seal of Excellence 

Be trusted charity 

Get Funding Advantage 

Get an online presence and Google Searchable Results 

Attract Volunteers

Get useful resources and Fundraising collaborations 

To do this click here to add your organization as a trusted NPO.


External Resources for your non-profit 

Virtual training Future webinars and recorded events for 501(c)(3) organizations

Publications for exempt organizations

Forms and instructions for exempt organizations

Published guidance for exempt organizations


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