What is Charity Accreditation


Center for Social Responsibility and accountability (CESRA) is An NGO Formed to strengthen and support the nonprofit sector by offering an accredtation service that makes the non profit organization to adapt accountability towards the giving community like donors and Corporate social  responsibility. When Charititable organization are accredited they will achive a positive growth and good governance.

The reason to why your non profit is not getting donors to commit to your charity is because they do not understand how you run the organizaiton.

CESRA allows you to be open to the donors and donors can contact you directly once you have been accredited by CESRA.


→Trusted  status is guranteed

→A Trust-mark–  A  symbol of excellence and leadership in your sector for everyone to see and commit to your charity

→Guided by CESRA  standards of charity accountability

What is remaining now is to start your accreditation process, that cost $50 Per year with great benefits.

Get a lasting partnership with Donors and CSR practitioners. Start here 

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Julie trial
Author: Julie trial