CSR Kenya announces Corporate Re-brand and New Website Launch





Centre For Social Responsibility and Accountability Africa (CESRA) has launched its new corporate brand identity, redesigned logo, and website. These changes come at a time when the NGO is evolving its service offerings and expanding its membership reach.

“Our new website, www.csr-world.org and brand identity better reflect a new and unique idea that every corporate or charitable organization should embrace. Embracing this idea means earning your business or charity the prestigious Seal of Excellence, offered only to our members,” said  CESRA Kenya Chairlady Magdalene Atieno

The Kenyan based Organization seeks to be the leading accrediting organization for businesses and organizations in the whole of Africa. It holds a vision of creating a community of socially responsible businesses and non-profits.

“In the past years, CESRA Africa in its small capacity successfully worked with Equity Group Foundation, Sawela Lodges, Gap Marketing, and many other companies, where we showcased their CSR commitment” she added. During the 2nd CSR Awards hosted by CESRA Africa

Designed to work effortlessly across offline and online channels, the new logo evokes a feeling of a collaboration of CSR practitioners, government and donors partnering with under-resourced charitable nonprofits to address the various needs of serving the communities in need.  The black base signifies a strong base that holds the partnership together – accountability, integrity and trust, the outer circle represents the never-ending path leading to strong bonds.

The newly-redesigned website, http://csr-world.org, features easy-to-navigate pages and updated, simplified messaging. The layout is structured to provide a seamless user experience. The site also highlights the Accreditation process, explains the Benefits of Accreditation, Provides fully interactive features of CSR assessments and also showcases accredited business and charities and in Africa. It furthermore directs users to seamless application forms of accreditation and showcases clear samples of SEAL OF EXCELLENCE.

“While our name remains the same, our logo and website have changed significantly to better represent who CESRA Africa is and what benefits we offer to our members,” commented Julie Nyaga, the NGOs executive director

“Our new identity is Openness, Communication, and Accountability—words we would use to describe not only our image but also the solutions we provide to companies and charitable nonprofits in our membership,” she added


CESRA is a community of CSR Accredited Practitioners and accredited charitable organizations with a Vision to create a vibrant and all around membership that works together for a common good.

CESRA focuses on improving the Social Responsibility of our member organizations so that they can support and strengthen communities around them. In this regard, we offer the Seal of Excellence, a voluntary accreditation program for both Corporates and Charitable organizations. This fundamental tool is based on five values: honesty, trust, fairness, respect, and responsibility. We believe that these five values are truly beneficial to our members.

Our philosophy is based on the belief that corporations can work in partnership with charitable organizations to make a real difference in communities throughout Kenya. We work with both parties to ensure the development of projects that meet their mutual interests.

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